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Malherbe Uitgewers started out as a Facebook group for poets created by Heleen Malherbe.  The aim was (and is) to provide a platform for poets and writers who enjoyed writing but were unpublished.  Heleen then started supporting these authors by typing and formatting their manuscripts for them and Malherbe Uitgewers was born.

Recently, Heleen registered as a private company in partnership with Mike Grobler, and the support of authors and poets has continued.  The aim of the company is to provide a platform for those who cannot afford to go through the “mainstream” publishers and to provide support and affordable publishing options.

Malherbe Uitgewers runs three Facebook groups, one for writers, one for poets and one specifically for English authors and poets.  There is also a Facebook group for Namibian authors and poets that is supported. 

These groups allow writers to practice and receive criticism and hints/tips from established authors and take part in writing competitions in the groups.  The best poems and short stories are showcased on the company’s website.  Periodically the best are published in anthologies at no cost to the authors in order to promote them.

The anthologies and books of up and coming poets and authors are published and sold on the company’s website on a print on demand basis which assists the authors in keeping their costs down.

Recently the company added its own printing capability which has made it easier and more cost effective to print on demand for the authors as most printing companies add a surcharge when printing less than 20 copies of a book.

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