Ons het onstaan om 'n leemte te vul tussen die selfpubliseerders en die "mainstream" uitgewers met pryse wat beskostigbaar is en om die skrywers te ondersteun deur die admin rondom publikasie en bemarking oor te neem om die skrywers tyd te gee om te doen wat hulle die beste doen - SKRYF. (Ons dienste aan skrywers))

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 We support South African Poets and Authors by assisting them to get their works published. (Our services to authors) Through our Facebook groups Die DigtershuisDie Boekehuis and English Authors we supply a  platform for English & Afrikaans authors and poets to interact and give constructive criticism  and advice to each other.

 We assist authors and poets in the publication and distribution/sale of their works in a cost effective and professional  manner. As we do Print on Demand please allow up to 14 days for delivery.


                                                    Through our Treasure Chest we give the public FREE access to view the works of our talented South African writers. 

Whenever you see Test Driveclick on it to see a preview of the novel you are considering buying. To help you decide if you want to buy a book or not we give you the opportunity to Test Drive it, find out what it is about and if it suits your tastes, then only do you buy.