Living with CNM - Frank Gadd

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The CNM that I have is a late-onset condition that leads to a general weakness of the skeletal muscles. Where in my youth I could run and jump like any young boy or man, as the condition progressed, I found that I could not run, nor jump, nor even walk anymore. I am now permanently confined to a wheelchair.

This is the story of the progression of the disease and the effect it has had on me, my friends, my family, my employers and customers. In fact, anyone that has ever come into contact with me.

The book is divided into three distinct sections.
Chapters 1 - 5 deal with my father, who also had CNM and my youth before diagnosis.
Chapter 6 gives a technical description of CNM, the various types and the prevalence of each type.
Chapter 7 onwards deals with the shock of diagnosis and how this knowledge changed my outlook on life as well as how my loved ones, my employers and customers dealt with this knowledge.

Breaking news is that there is now a chance that I may be cured one day. I discuss how I feel about this exciting news.

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