The Professor - Natalie-Dominique Lowe

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Adult - SVL
Action and Adventure, Detective/Mystery, Mystery

Natalie-Dominique is not your average spy. Unlike 007, she doesn't mind if her drink is shaken or stirred. In fact, she prefers it that way. With her sharp wit and a variety of skills and talents - including being a gourmand, sommelier, and connoisseur, as well as a freelance investigative journalist and surveillance specialist - Natalie-Dominique is a force to be reckoned with.

But Her latest assignment from the mysterious Mr X tests her abilities in ways she never imagined. When a close friend is left for dead by a ruthless caller, Natalie-Dominique knows she must act fast to uncover the truth and bring justice to her friend.

As she delves deeper into the case, she discovers a dangerous plot involving Russians and Irish gangsters. With the help of her expert team, Natalie-Dominique must race against time to stop the perpetrators and protect innocent lives.

For fans of action, suspense, and a strong female lead, "The Professor" is a must-read.

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