Black waters - Sharon Brummer

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Mitch Adam; Special FBI Agent finds himself hunting an illegal match fixing ring. Undercover he joins a boating club in Lower Manhattan where he can form a relationship with the President of the Rowing club. Mr President and his merry men are involved in the illegality of match fixing, and money laundering with soccer referees, and gambling agents alike. In Icy waters and swirling mist Mitch realizes a motorboat is heading straight for him in his rowing scull. Bullets force him to seek refuge in the black waters.

Finally, he reaches the bank and the safety of Maddie – a female rower – who has just witnessed the entire episode. Together they manage to escape and a bond is formed between them. Maddie has her own problems though. Her ex-boyfriend has been stalking her, trying to control her, however she has stood her ground but her defences are up. Can Mitch break through these defences whilst dealing with such an intricate dangerous case? The world cup soccer is in 12 months’ time and it is up to Mitch to arrest the allusive master minds in the Match fixing ring.

Who blew his cover? Is it someone Maddie knew, or could she personally be involved? Mitch is torn between his love for Maddie and his loyalty to the FBI.

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