Sarah, the Journey - Sonja Brown

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“She’s a cow, that Sarah. She never mingles with us mortals, and when she does, she hardly ever says anything. Just the other day Jack had to call her out when his pedigreed Dalmatian bitch tried giving birth but couldn’t. Sarah helped eight pups into this world without saying a word. Jack says that she brought three stillborn puppies back to life. They were born blue, he swears, and she magically turned their still bodies into pink, writhing babies. And then she proceeded to write him an account, slapped it in his palm, and left.”
“No, she’s not a cow. She has a good heart. She just doesn’t trust people. And with animals she knows exactly where she’s at. The amazing thing is that no whelping bitch has ever bitten her, even if it was the first time they saw her…”

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