Misty Mountain - Sharon Brummer

R 229,00 each




As general manager of a luxurious retreat, Gil Mankin, at only 24, is rapidly climbing the corporate ladder.

Gil has secrets though. She has changed her surname, not wanting to draw attention to her father’s name and past.

Fate steps in, bringing Lieutenant Commander Charlie Cooper to Misty Mountain. His initial mission is to train young recruits. The shared expertise program is brutal. Misty Mountain offers freezing rivers, sheer rock faces plus running trails which all compliment Charlie’s grueling training regime. He thrives on being a Navy SEAL, just like his father.

The retreat is buzzing with visitors. One such visitor, Yusuf Neith, brings attention to himself. Charlie witnesses the confrontation between Yusuf and Gil. Covertly he discovers Yusuf’s fraudulent Identity document. Could his presence be an indication of an imminent terrorist threat?

They have encountered each other before, in the Middle East. Was he friend or foe? Charlie’s last mission had failed due to leaked information. A traitor was in their midst. The capture of Ali Alborz, an Iranian militant, would have been significant. The specialized counter terrorism surveillance team could not prevent young Petty Officer Murray Sims being captured and wounded, along with Charlie. Murray had unfortunately lost his leg. The guilt lay heavy on Charlie’s shoulders.

Intense investigations had been ongoing, to establish, who the traitor was. Lieutenant Mason Upton who had headed up the counter terrorism surveillance unit, has also arrive at Misty Mountain. Interesting to note that all three men were now in the same place, at the same time.

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