Guided Journal: Healing the broken hearted - Mari-Louise Dürr

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After the passing of my husband I was left with numerous questions and a whole heap of painful memories. In the first week after his passing time simply passed for me but in the weeks there-after it was as if time stood still and God gave me time to find Him again.

I had lost all hope and understanding of God the moment my husband breathed out his last because why did God just take my husband after our journey filled with trillions of miracles? I was left numb, but with the help of our heavenly Father His word became a guided light on my path and I want to share His light with you.

I have written down my journey as I slowly learned and healed with the help of God whom I love to call Abba – for He is my Father; and His son, Jesus, whom I also got to know by the Hebrew name Yeshua and His Holy Spirit.

My prayer is that within these pages HE too will become alive for you as you open up your heart for Him to heal all the pain inside. I came to know a God who wants to heal us physically, spiritually and emotionally; He wants to restore us to the fullness of His design which He had dreamed with us before the beginning of times. Whatever pain you might be carrying He will be able to heal. Have faith and take His hand on this journey unto restoration! He is a God who loves YOU!

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