The Devil Reformed - Sonja Brown

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Sonja Brown was the winner of the best romance story at Malherbe Uitgewers in August 2017. The Devil Reformed is the English translation of her winning novel Die Duiwel se Maat

 Adults only

Celine was in a trance. Marcus’ lips were talking to her. It must be her dream… In her dream she stood on the tips of her toes and kissed Marcus… Like this…
Garret was taken unawares when Celine got up, lifted her body, and put her soft lips to his mouth. She nibbled softly on his lower lip, licking the corners of his mouth with quick darts before sticking her tongue under his upper lip and exploring his mouth. She groaned softly. It felt so real! Marcus kissed her back then, just as she had always imagined, teasing her tongue with his own. He held her back with his left hand while the other rubbed gently over her left cheek. He groaned too. Celine felt like smiling. Finally she was getting to kiss Marcus and an intense heat was beginning to build up in her stomach. She pressed her hard nipples against his chest, wanting him to feel what he did to her.

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