Once upon a time I lived in Africa - Kobus de Villiers

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In this book, following on from his top selling book Top Secret, Kobus shares more of his personal experiences growing up in Africa and as a young conscript in the Bush War. Kobus has a way with words and gives factual accounts with his wry sense of humour that always keeps you interested and smiling.

Africa. The dark continent. Home to green forests and arid deserts. Home to the big five. Where the dust trails of vast herds of wildebeest can veil the sun. A place often misunderstood and yet still to be completely explored.
Africa was also the origin of man. The origin of human exploration and the search for who we are and where we came from. The cradle of myths and legends, of stories shared around the last glowing embers of the campfire.
If you have not experienced a delicate mauve sunrise stealthily advancing across the grasslands of the endless savannah, you cannot count yourself as one who has lived among the lions. This is a privilege often reserved only for the chosen few who were born there. Or those who dared to travel there.
I was one of those who were lucky enough to grow up there. To experience her whims and learn to read her moods and hear the stories. Often people ask me questions, wishing to know what it was like.
Over time I realised that I had to tell some of the stories, share some of our secrets, take you there, show you what it was like to grow up in a magic land.

Kobus de Villiers is a retired aeronautical engineer. He lives with his French wife in Vancouver, Canada. They also like to spend time on the south coast of France.

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