Be Free Little Boy - Bernard October

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Never should any individual be a casualty of somebody else's mistake. Yet we are. And at no point in time should we wake up that we may not be who we think we are. Yet it happens.

For more than fifty years I battled in silence... not even knowing I was battling. All I knew was that there was a raging fire inside me, seeking to devour me... a fire I could not control. I could not seek help because I did not know what I needed help for. Then slowly things started unfolding, agonisingly cutting through my innermost being, piercing soul. The fifty-year-old me was still cuddling the five-year-old Bernard Robin October, desperately refusing to let him go. I just could not allow him to be hurt again, even if it had dire consequences for me at times. This book tells the journey of Little Bernard and me. We made it through, just barely. We could finally part in peace even without finding all the pieces, having dealt with the pain. I am sincerely hoping that my story will help others who might be challenged with the same pain, fighting the same ordeal.

The process is painful, but the product priceless!

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