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A Poets' diary: Painted with words - Gieljan Brand van Niekerk

A Poet: is a painter of words
A poet can paint the beauty of the universe,
All the stars of heaven!
The magic of a smile!
The sadness of a broken heart!
The joy of success!
The Hope of the faithful!
The contentment of belonging!
To the blind so they can live in a moment of time,
Where anything is possible!
Where a beating heart makes its own beat of life!
And in a moment even those that see,
Can hear the colour of words....

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Dreams of silence - Zander Laidlaw

A5 86 Pages

The dreams in my silly little heart
grew fairly far apart
from fantasies and realities
when the screeching cracks
on the sun’s deserted face
took me to an elapsed place
between the continual stretching
of time and space.

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I Speak Peace - Karel Esau (Religion)

A5 130 Pages
During the process of putting together this compilation, I was truly touched. I SPEAK PEACE gave me the privilege of printing Inspiration on Paper and sharing it with my fellow believers. I hope that you, dear reader, will enjoy this compilation as much as I did.

The contents consist of various faith stories and gives a glimpse into the mighty works that God is capable of. My hope is that everyone who reads these stories finds true peace and that the messages contained therein will bless you every day of your life.

Results 1 - 3 of 3